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Do you send newsletters to the email addresses of people you meet at events or when networking?

When someone comes to your website do you ask permission to use cookies?

Do you update your computer with the latest fixes regularly?

When you print things e.g. a sales call list, what do you do when you’ve finished with it?

When you switch on your work computer – desktop or laptop – do you need to enter a password?

Do you have up to date virus protection on all your computers?

Do you have a Privacy Policy or Data Protection Policy for your business?

How long do you keep records about customers or clients for?

If you had a hacker steal data from your customer database would you tell all your contacts on the database?

Do you train your staff to deal with phishing emails and other data security risks?

Does your company have any ISO standards?

What would you do if someone wrote and asked for a copy of any of their data that you might hold?

When you collect personal information, what information do you give the person providing the details?